Heat up analysis of pump application and hot pump technology
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Keyword: The technology that heat up pump analyses managing the sources of energy

Talk article summary: Heat up analysis of pump application and hot pump technology

Hot pump serves as one of main facility that raise heat addition amount, reach the characteristic such as managing the sources of energy amicably to the environment with its, wide application received in a lot of domains. In the article. Action reviewed the development history of hot pump above all, introduced the sort of hot pump, characteristic, use circumstance and requirement, the problem that basically heats up pump to exist in using a process to a few kinds undertook discussion, current situation of the research progress that analysed hot pump technology, application reachs relevant new technology.

1 hot pump and refrigeration machine

Hot pump is a kind of quantity of heat that emits with condenser the system of a kind of refrigeration that to be being adjusted the environment has heat addition [1] . the hot physics process of system of hot pump, look from working principle or thermodynamic angle, a kind of it is refrigeration machine special use type [2] . The main distinction of it and general refrigeration machine depends on:

The end that ① uses is different. The purpose of hot pump depends on making heat, the starting point of research is labour pledges in systematic high pressure side carries the trade of quantity of heat between heat exchanger and outside ambient; The purpose of refrigeration machine depends on refrigeration or low temperature, the starting point of research is labour carry the heat exchange between heat exchanger and outside in side of systematic low pressure character;

The temperature area that ② system works is different. Hot pump is regard microtherm as heat source environmental temperature, regard high temperature as heat source object be modulatoried; Refrigeration machine is the environment temperature regards high temperature as heat source, regard microtherm as heat source object be modulatoried. Consequently, when ambient conditions comparatives, the working temperature of the system of refrigeration of working temperature prep above of hot pump system.

The origin of 2 hot pump reachs main application type

The origin of 2.1 hot pump

As the development of Industrial Revolution, at the beginning of 19 centuries, people is right whether quantity of heat from the medium with inferior temperature " pump " this one question in sending temperature taller medium produced strong interest. British physicist J.P.Joule put forward " change through changing the pressure of compressible fluid to be able to make its temperature happens " principle [3] . 1854, w.Thomson is taught (namely everybody's hep Lord Kelvin a feudal title of nobility conferred for meritorious service) publish a paper, put forward multiplier of quantity of heat (Heat Multiplier) concept, the tentative plan that described hot pump first [3] .
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