Land source heats up the applied foreground that pump technology is in our count
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Keyword: Land source heats up pump energy-saving air conditioning

Summary: Technology of land source hot pump is an air conditioning, heating and hot water supply a technology. The article introduced land source to heat up pump technology to use a case in foreign promotion, the respect such as the influence of earlier investment, the sources of energy, environmental protection and national policy analysed the real case according to our country the development advantage that this technology is in our country and the problem that encounter possibly in promotion process, point out this technology has wide applied perspective in our country.

Keyword: Land source heats up pump sky to move energy-saving environmental protection

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Heat up pump, just like water pump can low it is euqally OK that water promotes perch convey heat to high temperature end from microtherm end. It is one kind can realize the mechanism that the function changes between evaporator and condenser, it is another kind of form essentially it is refrigeration machine. Land source heats up pump (GSHP) it is the technology that undertakes to the building for heat source with the earth air conditioning, heating and hot water are supplied. Well-known, a relatively stable temperature all maintains all the year round under layer. In the summer, subterranean temperature should compare ground air temperature low, in winter emptier than the ground however air temperature is spent tall. Land source heats up pump to use this characteristic of the earth just about, be in through bury subterranean heat exchanger, exchange quantity of heat with soil or rock. Land source heats up stability of pump annual operating conditions, do not need other to assist heat source and cooling equipment to be able to realize winter heat addition, summer to offer cold. In the winter, the liquid inside conduit takes out subterranean quantity of heat, guide through the system next inside the building, at the same time harbour puts cold amount, use with equipment summer; In summer, quantity of heat from build take out inside the building, emit into underground through the system, at the same time harbour puts quantity of heat, in order to have the winter is used. Fan system sends a building each in-house interval air of changes in temperature respectively, be similar to average air conditioning system. Land source heats up pump all the year round all can reliable offer air of high quality changes in temperature, build a very easy indoor environment for us.

System of land source hot pump presses its loop form to be able to divide for: The circulatory system that shut type, circulatory system opening type and mixed cycle system. To shutting type circulatory system, major underground heat exchanger is a closed loop, place spends polyethylene to be in charge of for high density with conduit. Conduit can pass underground of perpendicular well embedded 150 - 200 feet deep, or horizontal embedded underground 4 - 6 feet of place, OK also the bottom of buy pond. In the winter, the fluid in the canal from subterranean draw-out quantity of heat, in taking a building, and in summer it is send underground to store the heat energy inside the building through conduit; To opening type circulatory system, the water in its conduit comes from laky, river or the fountainhead in shaft, after exchanging quantity of heat with as same as the loop that shut type way and building, water regurgitate perhaps arranges the proper place of other to original place; To mixed cycle system, subterranean heat exchanger is calculated commonly by thermic load, the additional cold negative charge that summer needs is offerred by groovy cooling tower.
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