Shallow talk about pump to send concrete the demand to equipment and raw materia
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Keyword: Pump sends Tong can pump sex concrete

Brief introduction: The generation that pump sends Tong is condition, characteristic, current the applied circumstance, beneficial result that operates note, pump to send Tong to raw material requirement, construction and development foreground.

Thematic word: Pump sends Tong but pump sex

As the ceaseless development of bldg. , taller and taller to the requirement of concrete. Modern building is having to concrete material not only excel in, waterproof, heat-resisting, acid-proof wait for performance demand, corresponding ground also is having higher demand to concrete construction technology. Pump sends concrete to issue craft of construction of a kind of of generation new-style concrete in this kind of condition just about.

Pump sends concrete is to show concrete is carried from Tong agitate car or store the hopper that the discharge in hopper enters concrete pump, the pressure that uses pump concrete edge conduit direct level or perpendicular carry the technology that irrigates the dot that build the ground. It is had convey ability big (the level carries a distance to amount to 800 meters, vertical carriage distance amounts to 300 meters) , speed fast, efficiency is tall, economic manpower, can the characteristic such as activity in series. Application is at present wide with each passing day, be in abroad, if use pump extensively the United States, Germany, England to send concrete, it is with Japan especially the most extensive; In in our country current high level is built and accumulating fundamental concrete roughly, already relatively use this technology widely, obtain better result. Be like edifice of friendship of couplet of restaurant of Nanjing gold hill, Shanghai, Huating edifice of river of square of telecommunication of sunshine of crossroads of Xizhimen of guesthouse, Beijing, Hangzhou, boast, railroad is new use pump guest station multi-purpose building to send concrete the technology. Pump sends concrete to have higher demand to equipment, raw material, operation.

One, the requirement to equipment

1. Use Tong pump to carry concrete. Construct and carry kind what Tong pump has piston pump, baric pump, extruding pump to wait for a few kinds to differ, application is at present more is piston pump. This is a kind of more advanced Tong pump. The spot when construction plans to want reasonable decorate pump car put the position, should stand by as far as possible commonly irrigate the dot that build the ground, satisfy two pump car at the same time perch, make Tong pump is able to irrigate continuously build. The transportation of pump ability is horary 80 stere.

2. Duct path is made by steel tube commonly, d=125mm, 150mm or 100mm, specific depend on the bead diameter of thick aggregate. Course of the requirement when cable installation in conduit is short, tortuous little, contact is intimate. Horizontal canal includes ground canal and floor valve, former it is fixed, and latter wants every to irrigate to lay afresh one. The wall outside perpendicular building tubal an edge or outside column setting, also can be inside elevator well laid, or the setting is in in the tower of tower crane. Additional, conduit cleans general choice bath. Requirement water pressure cannot exceed a regulation, and personnel should be far from nozzle, lest develop a person,set guard.
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